In ircd 2.11.0 the Reop-Mode has been introduced to IRCnet. When a channel becomes opless, one of the users matching the added hostmasks will be opped after a delay.

Like ban, invite and exception list, the reop list contains hostmasks in format nick!ident@host.

Retrieving the reop list:

MODE #channel R 344 nick #channel *! 344 nick #channel *! 345 nick #channel :End of Channel Reop List

Add reop entries:

MODE #channel +R *!

Remove reop entries:

MODE #channel -R *!

When the channel became opless, reop will be enforced after 90 minutes: NOTICE #channel :Enforcing channel mode +R (166) MODE #channel +o nick 


  • Keep your reop entries up to date (domain expired? shell account closed?)
  • Be careful with wildcards. Never use wildcards like *!user@151.141.187.* because they can be spoofed easily, e.g. *! Use CIDR notation instead: *!user@
  • Reop entries can be restricted to countries by using ISO-3166-1 country codes. E.g. 276*! will reop only users on *.DE IRCnet servers.
  • If the channel is opless, users matching the reoplist are allowed to join the channel by overriding the channel limit.
  • If the channel is empty, reops will get lost, like all other channel information